Christine McFadden Cookery and Food Writing
Christine McFadden with students

Christine is an inspiring cook
and equally importantly she is a
great communicator (in cookery
schools it's difficult to find
both in one person).
She knows
more about spices than anyone
of us will ever know and has
written the bible on Pepper
– from first-hand experience
of visiting plantations in India.

Tom Alcott,
Salthouse & Peppermongers

We are in our early 70s and
both of us cook. My son sent
me your Farm Shop Cookbook.
I absolutely love it and have
spent every evening since it
arrived, selecting further
recipes to try.

Jean Sheppard
Northern California, USA

New book - Flour: a comprehensive guide
Pepper the Spice that Changed the World cookbook by Christine McFadden

Christine's cookbooks

Christine has written more than 16 cookbooks including the recently published Flour: A Comprehensive Guide, Pepper: the Spice that Changed the World, The Farm Shop Cookbook, Cool Green Leaves & Red Hot Peppers (co-authored with Michael Michaud of Sea Spring Seeds) and Tools for Cooks. The last four were short-listed for international cookbook awards.

Christine was also the main contributor to Going with the Grain! and Eat Your Greens!, both published by Parragon Books and packed with must-try recipes for these culinary heroes.

Christine gets much of her inspiration from exploring food markets and attending cookery schools in far-flung parts of the world. She has travelled widely in Europe, the Middle East, Morocco and the United States, and has also spent time in south-west India where she researched Pepper: the Spice that Changed the World.

You'll find selected recipes and extracts from Christine's cookbooks in the
recipes section.

Tools for Cooks cookbook by Christine McFadden Cool Green Leaves and Red Hhot Peppers cookbook The Farm Shop Cookbook paperback cookbook by Christine McFadden
Going with the Grain cookbook by Christine McFadden Eat Your Greens! cookbook by Christine McFadden    

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