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Upcoming class details

Listed below are details of cookery classes for the rest of the year. To book a class, use the on-line form
or contact Christine McFadden on 01308 482784.

Classes are 'hands-on' rather than demonstration, limited to a maximum of 7 people and are suitable for
all levels of skill.

Bookings are on a first-come first-served basis. A 40 per cent deposit payable at the time of booking confirms
your place. Full payment is due 7 days before the class. See Terms and Conditions.

Cookery Classes South West England Quotes

I wanted to congratulate you
on how well organised the
fish class was, and the amount
you managed to cover in a
very clear and easily understood
presentation style. I was amazed
how much I learnt in a day.

Simon Tozer
Salisbury, Wiltshire


Fish Cookery
6 Oct, 9.00–5.00

The class begins with a visit to Davy's Locker, Bridport's go-to place for top-notch fish. Ace filleter Keith Blake will demonstrate how to scale, bone, skin and fillet a variety of fish, dissect and dress a crab, and clean squid. We then return to the kitchen in Littlebredy to practice techniques and cook our chosen fish. The class includes delicious fishy snacks throughout the day, lunch and a glass of wine.

Typical recipes
(based on the catch of the day)

Crisp Fried Plaice Fillets with Tartare
Mediterranean Fish Stew with Rouille
Battered Tempura Seafood with
Wasabi Mayonnaise
Sea Bass Parcels with Roasted
Fennel and Preserved Lemon
Grilled Sesame Mackerel with Ginger,
Watercress and Cucumber Salad
Dressed Crab


What you will learn
How to tell if fish is fresh
How long to store fish
How to fillet flat fish
How to remove scales
How to remove skin
Different cooking methods
Serving sizes for fish
How to egg-and-breadcrumb fillets
How to devein prawns
How to tell if mussels are fresh
How to dress crab


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Fish cookery classes
Seafood cookery classes Dorset Foodie Southwest
Cookery Classes South West England Quotes

Christine had done so much
research and experimentation –
just what I needed to help
make being gluten-intolerant
more exciting and understand
the use of the exotic flours.
I am still making all her
recipes regularly – delicious.

Jocelyn Pannet
Salisbury, Wiltshire


Baking with Gluten-Free Flours
10 Nov, 10.00–3.30

If you're wheat- or gluten-sensitive, or simply an adventurous cook, come and learn how to use the ever-increasing range of gluten-free flours – coconut and chestnut, pea and chickpea, buckwheat and millet, potato and cassava, and more. You'll be surprised by how much flavour and good-for-you nutrients they add to bakes, pastries and desserts.
Please note the flours we use will not necessarily have been packed or stored in a gluten-free environment.

Typical recipes
Sicilian Citrus and Almond Cake
Cranberry and Chestnut Muffins
Plum Frangipane Tart
Pear Tart with Chestnut Pastry and
Rosemary and Orange Syrup
Coconut Flour and Lime Pancakes
Italian Vegetable Pies with Herbs and
Seeded Psyllium Bread
Cheese and Chilli Cornbread


What you will learn
Types of gluten and what they do
Difference between gluten and other
proteins in flour
Which flours are gluten-free
How gluten-free flours behave
Which flours to use in a gluten-free mix
How to make crisp gluten-free pastry
How to make crusty gluten-free bread


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Gluten free baking Christine McFadden classes Southwest
Gluten free baking classes Southwest Christine McFadden
Cookery Classes South West England Quotes

I wanted to let you know that I made a hand-raised pork pie for Christmas. It was well received by the family – swiftly eaten and enjoyed. Thank you for your guidance.

Colin Roper
Portesham, Dorset


Pastry and Pies
1 Dec, 9.45–4.00

Learn how to make short-crust, rough puff, suet and hot water crust pastry to create a selection of mouth-watering pies. We'll be making a classic family-sized raised game pie (perfect for the festive season), individual pot pies and pasties, plus sweet offerings such as Citrus and Raisin Suet Puddings.

Typical recipes
Raised Game Pie with Juniper,
Lemon and Gin
Lamb, Barley and Mint Pot Pies with
Rough Puff Pastry
Beef, Celery and Walnut Pie
Cheese, Chilli and Potato Pasties
Citrus and Raisin Suet Puddings
with Orange Liqueur


What you will learn
Importance of temperature in pastry-
Difference between puff, rough puff
and flaky pastry
Which fats to use
Amount of pastry needed for single
crust and double crust pies
How to mould hot water crust pastry
round a pie dolly


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Learn to make pork pies Christne McFadden classes Southwest
Pastry and pies cookery classes South West
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