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Two-Cherry Yogurt Ice

Here I've combined luscious fresh cherries with dried cherries to up the flavour
and add a bit of texture. It's fine to leave them out if you don't have any. Just
use an extra handful of fresh cherries.
Made with thick Greek yogurt, this luscious ice is really easy to make. Just blitz the ingredients then freeze.
Makes about 1 litre

fresh ripe cherries 650g
dried cherries 75g
sugar 175g
kirsch or brandy (optional) 1–2 tbsp
thick Greek yogurt 250g

1) Set aside a few whole cherries to decorate. Remove the stones from the remaining cherries (see Cook's notes).

2) Put the pitted cherries in the bowl of a food processor, along with the dried cherries, sugar and kirsch, if you are using it. Blitz for 2-3 minutes until you have a fairly smooth purée.

3) Pour the purée into a bowl (see Cook's notes), then stir in the yogurt, mixing well.

4) Churn and freeze in an ice cream machine, or still-freeze following the instructions below.

Cook's notes
Pitting cherries is laborious but here it is necessary. Speed up the task with
a cherry pitter or a metal garlic press with a protuberance for removing
If you don't like 'bits', sieve the mixture at step 3 before you stir in the yogurt.
• If you don't have an ice cream machine, still-freeze the mixture in a shallow,
freezer-proof container for several hours, until it begins to harden round the
edges. Transfer to a deep bowl and whisk until smooth. Pour back into the
container, freeze again, then repeat the whisking process once more before
the final freeze.


Recipe © Christine McFadden July 2019

    Photography: Atlantic Canada Exports, Christine McFadden    
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